To Compensate For The Lack Of Favors And Bounties

O, Muhammad! Whosoever is afraid of any shortage of Blessings and Bounties in his life, and is willing and wishing that I complete my Blessings to him, and grant him favors and honors, and raise his status in My Presence should then recite this Prayer: 

يَا حَاشِيَ الْعِزِّ قُلُوبَ أَهْلِ التَّقْوَى وَ يَا مُتَوَلِّيَهُمْ بِحُسْنِ سَرَائِرِهِمْ وَ يَا مُؤَمِّنَهُمْ بِحُسْنِ تَعَبَّدِهِمْ، أَسْأَلُكَ بِكُلِّ مَا قَدْ أَبْرَمْتَهُ إِحْصَاءً مِنْ كُلِّ شَيْء قَدْ أَتْقَنْتَهُ عِلْماً أَنْ تَسْتَجِيبَ لِي بِتَثْبِيتِ قَلْبِي عَلَى الطُّمَأْنِينَةِ وَ الاِْيمَانِ وَ أَنْ تُوَلِّيَنِي مِنْ قَبُولِكَ مَا تُبَلِّغُنِي بِهِ شِدَّةَ الرَّغْبَةِ فِي طَاعَتِكَ حَتَّى لاَ أُبَالِيَ أَحَداً سِوَاكَ وَ لاَ أَخَافَ شَيْئاً مِنْ دُونِكَ يَا رَحِيمُ. 

O Allah…! O You, Who fill the hearts of pious and virtuous men, by glory and honor! You protect them, and transform their inner state of being into goodness, and grant them Faith, and make their prayers become excellent! With Your Divine Knowledge and Wisdom, you have counted everything, and made them become consistent, steadfast, and solid...! I ask You please, to fulfill my wish, and bestow serenity and peace in my heart, and grant me a strong Faith.
O You, the All-forgiving…! By accepting my Prayers, pray Do raise and elevate me to a higher status, by the help of which I would love dearly to be submitted to You and obey You more than ever! Therefore, I would not pay any attention to anyone, except to You, and I would not be afraid of anyone but You...! 

[O, Muhammad!] whosoever recites this Prayer, morning and evening, I will protect and safeguard his life, his Religion, and the Blessings he already has in his life, from any kind of harm and mischief.