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In The Name Of Allah
Dua International Foundation
 An Introduction:
Dua in Arabic or prayer, lamentation or supplication is an accurate reflection of the worshiper’s shortcomings and weaknesses before his Lord. It is the reason behind man’s link to the higher realms of spirituality, the infinite world of the angels and the formation of a treasure which is the worshipers loving grievance to the worshiped Lord. It has come in narrations from the infallible Saints that: ‘Dua is the heart of prayer, the key to God’s mercy, the weapon of the believers and the most beloved act in the eyes of God. It is the best means to find nearness to the creator.’  This hadith demonstrates the deep meaningful and insightful world view of the Holy Saints of Allah(swt), namely the Prophet of Islam(s) and the Masumeen(a). By attentiveness to this great priceless heritage left for us by the infallible and pure selfless servants of Allah(swt) we are instinctively pulled towards our creator.  Heaven is attained by these Duas. Lamentation and supplication in the quite of night, on a mount formed by confessions of the secrets of the heart, carries the lover to his beloved Lord. Dua is the chant of love, practice of the Gnostic and the provision of the wayfarer. A large collection of our hadith has been sent with unmatched practical methods of creating proximity with the infinite source of all creation. Our beloved Imams(a) at the time of supplication to their Lord would take from their box of treasures, the secrets of expressing the contaminated realities of this world in the form of Dua. It is for this reason Scholars and Gnostics of the Shia mazhab give great importance and pay close attention to hadith related to Dua as compared to other topicsbecause the treasures and secrets of worship, in the many fold meanings of these luminous verses are a source of attraction. Pure moments between man and God on the wings of celestial thoughts fly towards the heavens. Allah(swt) says in the Holy Quran: “Say, my Lord would pay no attention to you if it was not for your supplications.” Furqan -77It is why Dua is the heart of worship and the hope behind attracting Gods attention to His creatures.Because of these pure heartfelt meaningful words, every worshipping is a kind of Dua. Dua breaks free from the realm of the material and joins the realm of the infinite. Clearly Dua is an example of the best form of worship and servitude. What has been said is well knows to those of knowledge and insight and it is worth adding that such Duas belong to the hearts of the sincere and pure.
In short: International Dua Foundation was founded based on a collection of topics in the field of Dua and Ziarat which were left for us by our Holy Prophet(s) and the infallible Imams(a) and the preservation of this spiritualheritage has been the reason behind this foundations launch in the year 2007, near the shrine of her Majesty Fatema Masouma(a), in the Holy city of Qom. The foundation aims to compile, preserve and distribute:
1. The best of narrations and hadith on the topic of Dua and Ziarat for the success and betterment of the believers.
2. Present based on the importance and priority of the topic,
the best of what the Holy Prophet(s) and the infallible Saints(a) left behind for us to attain nearness to our Lord.
3. The best ways of recognizing the Lord of the wolds, which is what International Dua Foundation aims to

Finished Works:
Over forty volumes of books based on Duas, Ziarats and a few other secondary topics have been written, compiled, preserved and distributed to date, many of which have been offered for the first time to the general public. The most important work of the foundation to date has been the research, compilation, editing and publicationof al Mojam al Mozooeeal Ad’dia al Masoumeen (Compilation by Topic of the Duas of the Infallibles(a))in 9 volumes, in Arabic, which has been very well received by the prominent scholars and professors of the religious seminaries. Other activities of the foundation include the publication of a bi monthly magazine, ‘Hareem Haram’ specializingon the topics of Duas and Ziarats for scholarly use, in conjunction with the custodians of the Haram of Imam Khomeni(r). This magazine by the grace of God has been well received and has a large following.The foundation also offers consultation services for those working on their thesis or writing a book in the field of Dua and Ziarat. In coordination with other institutions, non govermental organizations and companies, the foundation has been able to propagate to the general public by means of books and other related items in the area of Dua and Ziarat. Also the foundation has translated 17 of their books to date in other languages including Urdu, Turkish, English and French. By the grace of Allah(swt) this long sought after need for such a foundation by scholors, students and the generalpublic has been filled to some extent by this blessed foundation.

Current Works to be Started:
1. Production of ‘The Encyclopedia of Dua’,
2. Publication of one hundred and ten books on the topic of Imam Zain al Abideen’s Psalms of Islam (Sahifa Sajadiya).
3. Translation and exegesis of one thousand specially
selected Duas of the Infallibles(a).
4. Compilation and preservation of 2610 original hand written books on the topics of Dua and Ziarat by past scholars.
5. Formation of an Information Data Bank of memorable Duas, Ziarat and Conference Lecture recordings from Iran and abroad.
6. Preparation & Presentation of a series of research classes on the topic of Dua for interested students.
7. Information Data Bank of thesis’s on the topic of Dua and Ziarat.
8. Website services related to Dua and Ziarat.
9. Book store specializing in Dua and Ziarat.
10. Draft proposal for the opening of a Dua and Ziarat research centre.

About the Founder:
Hujjat al Islam wal Muslimeen Sheik Ali Mohammad (Taha) Bourojerdi was born on the blessed day of Eid al Mab’ath on the 10th of June 1980 in the Holy city of Qom. Brought up in a spiritually blessed household of prominentShia scholars, Sheik Bourojerdi’s father Ayatollah MujtabaBourojerdi and his grandfather the late Ayatollah Ali  Mohammad Bourojerdi(r) (teacher of Ayatollah Bahjat(r)) who played an important role in Sheik Bourojerdi’s interestin religious studies and the Holy Quran from a very young age. However his most inspiring figure was the late Grand Ayatollah Mohammad Taqi Bahjat(r). He was blessed from a very young age, throughout his student years, of havingkept the company with and being under the tutelage of this great Sage, Ayatollah Bahjat. Their close friendship, mutual respect and love lasted for fifteen years until the demise this great Gnostic and Scholar at the age of 94. Sheik Bourojerdi had the honor and privilege of being at the service of Ayatollah Bahjat(r) up to seven hours a day. It goes without saying this had a great positive impact
on the wisdom, spirituality, knowledge and akhlaq of Sheik Bourojerdi and this a testament to his credibility and trustworthiness.  After completing his university education at the age of 20 Sheik Bourojerdi put his entire focus in his true interest and passion and joined the Islamic Seminary in Qom.  There at the seminary Sheik Bourojerdi made great progressand excelled in subjects including Loma, Makasib, Rasael, Philosophy, Islamic Jurisprudence, Principals of Jurisprudence amongst other subjects. Today at the young age of 35 Sheik Bourojerdi is on the final stages of completing his studies and reaching the level of Ijtihad. An accomplishment normally attained at 50 or 60 years of age is proof of the Sheik Bourojerdi’s extra ordinary talent and intellect.In addition to continued rapid progress in his studies, Sheik Bourojerdi has also been busy expanding the activities of International Dua Foundation compiling, translating from Arabic to Farsi, publishing and distributing its many works the most noteworthy of which is the compilation by topic of the Duas of the Masoumeen(a) named ‘al Mojam al Mozooeeal Ad’dia al Masoumeen(a)’ in 9 volumes. The ambitious aspirations of International Dua Foundation is to be a leading multi lingual  center for the propagation of the Shia Islamic faith on all continents of the world by making available to all interested the valuable, unmatched and unique Duas left by the Holy Prophet of Islam(s) and the fourteen Masoumeen(a) of his Household. All interested parties who would like to assist in this great honorable endeavor are welcome and encouraged to inquire with the foundation.

Areas of Assistance:
1. Publication of existing books (free of charge) in the native language of the countries of interest.
2. Donations and Khums (Ayatollah Sistani).
3. Sponsoring to translate existing books in to English and other languages.            
4. Editing assistance
5. Website assistance