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God's Glorification

  blessing of allah

Praised Be

Blessing Of Allah


A Supplication For Forgiveness

A Great Pray From Amir Al-Muminin

Refuge From Poverty

  refuge from poverty

Requests From God

Seeking Forgiveness for Mortal Sin

2. Seeking Forgiveness for Minor Sins

For Repentance of a Disbeliever

For One’s Supplication to be Fulfilled

To Ask the Means to Draw Closer to God

For Pressing Need to be Fulfilled

To be Granted with Special Divine Knowledge

To Request His Mercy, Blessings, Paradise, Kindness, Acceptance, Guardianship, and Fulfillment.

To Ask for Divine Protection and AssistanceTo Ask for Divine Protection and Assistance

For the Acceptance of Obligatory and Supererogatory Deeds

To Seek Closeness And Nearness To Allah

For Safety from Afflictions and Acceptance of Supplication

For Prayers to be Accepted Multiplied

A Dua Before you go to the market

A Dua For the good of wok

  dua for good of work

A Dua For Whenever You See A Fresh Fruit

A Dua For Drinking Water

A Dua Before Drinking Milk

Prayers For Travel

  prayers for traveling

A Dua After completing Quran

Looking at The Mirror

A Supplication For Estikharah

Dua for Traveling

When Leaving House for a Need or Travel

For Trade to be Profitable

For Returning Home Safely with one’s Need being Fulfilled

Supplication to be Recited After Waking up

Supplication for Fridays' Full-Ablution

Supplication Prior to Dailiy Prayers

  a dua before everyday prayer

Supplication for Precipitation and Rain

Supplication to be Recited When You Hear Someone Died

A Dua On The Mount Safa Or Marwah

A Prayer For Mental Discomfort

  praying for better mental health

A Quickly Answered Prayer

Calling God By His Supreme Name

Asking For A Favor From God

For Relieving Sorrows and Distress

When Afflicted with Poverty and Destitution

To be Relieved from All Kinds of Calamities

For Protection against Creatures’ Harms

To be relived from the Fear of Jinns and Devils

To Free Oneself From The Fear Of Men, Jinns, And Satan

To be Relieved of the Fear of an Authority

When Making a Request From the Authority

To Choose the Best Option when Hesitant

When Afflicted with Calamity or Disease

When Afflicted with Drought and Starvation

For Protection Against Magic

For Paying off One’s Debt

For Being Relieved of Terror and Receiving Utmost Bounties from God

For Being Sufficed by God, and Protected Against Evil Authorities

Supplication For Pain And Suffering

  for our sufferings

A Prayer For Sustenance

A Dua For Healing Every Pain

  for healing every pain

To Dispel Magic And Spell

To Free Yourself From A Tyrants

Dua al-Kumayl

A Supplication For The Month Of Sha'ban

Every Night Prayer in Ramadhan

  Dua in nights of ramadhan

A Dua After Every Prayer in Ramadhan

A Dua For Everyday in Ramadhan

A Dua For Everyday in Ramadhan -2-

Dua For Sustenance

Dua For Sustenance

  dua for sustenance

A Dua in The Night Of Qadr

How to Make God Look at Me?

  how to make god to see me

A Dua Before Sunrise And Sunset

  dua before sunrise and sunset

Friday Prayer

Prayer when Recitation of Marriage Formula

  part of marriage formula copy

Prayer before Sexual Intercourse

  prayer before consummation

Prayer for Wishing to Have Children

  Prayer for Wishing to Have Children

congratulations on the birth of a child


Prayer for Looking at Living creatures

  Prayer for Looking at Living creatures

Prayer for Looking into a Mirror

  Prayer for Looking into a Mirror

Prayer for Looking at the Sky

  Prayer for Looking at the Sky

Prayer for Dawn

  Prayer for Dawn

Everyday Prayer

  everyday prayer copy

Daily Praise

  Daily Praise copy

Prayer for Morning

  Prayer for Morning copy

The educational and psychological ,effects of supplication,

Research on

The effect of supplication in the scheme of creation from the point of view of three philosophers (Avicenna, Mulla Sadra and Allamah Tabatabaei)

Manifestation of monotheism (Tawhid) in supplications Supplications of Imam Sajjad (PBUH)

Moral education based on the supplications of Imam Sajjad (PBUH)

Instructions and achievements of supplication in Nahj al-Balaghah