For One’s Supplication to be Fulfilled

 O Mohammad, and whoever of your nation wishes that nothing comes between his supplication and me, whether great or small, in secret or openly, whether directed to me or to others, he should say at the end of his supplication:

يَا اللهُ الْمَانِعُ بِقُدْرَتِهِ خَلْقَهُ وَ الْمَالِكُ بِهَا سُلْطَانُهُ وَ الْمُتَسَلِّطُ بِمَا فِي يَدَيْهِ كُلُّ مَرْجُوّ دُونَكَ يُخَيِّبُ رَجَاءَ رَاجِيهِ وَ رَاجِيكَ مَسْرُورٌ لاَ يَخِيبُ، أَسْأَلُكَ بِكُلِّ رِضًى لَكَ مِنْ كُلِّ شَيْء أَنْتَ فِيهِ وَ بِكُلِّ شَيْء تُحِبُّ أَنْ تُذْكَرَ بِهِ وَ بِكَ يَا اللهُ، فَلَيْسَ يَعْدِلُكَ شَيْءٌ أَنْ تُصَلِّيَ عَلَى مُحَمَّد وَ آلِهِ وَ أَنْ تَحُوطَنِي وَ وَالِدَيَّ وَ وُلْدِي وَ إِخْوَانِي وَ أَخَوَاتِي وَ مَالِي بِحِفْظِكَ، وَ أَنْ تَقْضِيَ حَاجَتِي فِي كَذَا وَ كَذَا. 

O Allah, the Preventer of His creation with His power, and the Owner of them with His sovereignty, the Dominator with what is in His hands. Every hoped one other than You disappoints his hoper, the one hoping in You is delighted while never disappointed. I ask You with all the satisfaction for You in everything in which You are, and with everything You love to be remembered by, and by You, O Allah, nothing is equivalent to You, to send blessings upon Mohammad and his family, to protect me, my parents, my children, my brothers, and my sisters, and my wealth with Your protection, and to fulfill my need in such and such (Instead name your requests).

For indeed, when he says that, I fulfill his need before he moves from its place.

   Bihar Al-Anwar (ed. - Beirut), vol. 92, p. 315