Praying With Power

 Praying With Power - Peter Wagner

the essence of prayer is a personal relationship between a believer and God. Some call it “intimacy with the Father.” this is true, and it is important. For this reason it would not be correct to say that any believing prayer is bad per se. I would not want to make a distinction between good prayer and bad prayer, for example. Some prayer, however, we must admit, can be misguided and therefore lack the power it could have. James says,“you ask and do not receive, because you ask amiss…” (James 4:3). Wrong motives can weaken prayer, as can sin in our lives and many other things I will

mention from time to time as we move on.
the distinction I am making is, more accurately, between good prayer and better prayer. My wife, Doris, likes to say, “No prayer is wasted.” All good prayer can be seen as a step in the right direction, but some of those steps may be smaller than they need to be. If you are reading this book, the odds are high that you have a burning desire in your heart to pray more powerfully than you ordinarily have been may be on a relatively low level right now, but you do not want to stay there. you may be on a high level of prayer power, but you know that there are higher levels yet, and that is where you want to be.
how will you know when you reach a higher level of prayer? one way is to see an increase in concrete, measurable answers to your prayers.that is why I like to assert that prayer works.

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