Ibn Qoulawayh

Name: Shaykh Abu al-Qasim, Ja`far ibn Muhammad ibn Ja`far ibn Mouas ibn Masrour ibn Qoulawayh al-Qummi (d 763/879)

Short history:

He studied with his father and brother whom both were counted of great Shiite tradition narrator. Then he studied under some significant Shiite scholars such as Shaykh Kulayni. The Islamic scholars have commended him so that they relied on tradition narrators because he has narrated from them.
Ibn Qoulawayh traveled to Egypt and took advantage of teachings of some scholars such as Abu al-Fazl al-Sabouni.
Works: Mudawat al-Jasad curing the body, Al-Salah prayers, Al-Jumu`ah wa al-Jama`ah Friday and its prayers