Jami' Al-sa'adat: The Collector of Felicities

About This Book 

Name: Jami' Al-sa'adat: The Collector of Felicities 

Writer: Mulla Muhammad Mahdi Naraqi 

Translater: Shahyar Sa'adat 


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One of the most important of the Islamic sciences is ethics. All along the brilliant history of Islam, great Islamic scholars have specialized in this field and have produced important and valuable books dealing with this subject. One of the best and the most comprehensive of these books is the Jami` al-Sa'adat ("The Collector of Felicities"), written by the great Islamic scholar, mystic, and moral philosopher, Muhammad Mahdi ibn Abi Dharr al-Naraqi, who himself was a living embodiment of Islamic ethical and moral virtues. The book was written in Arabic and published in three volumes. Al-Naraqi was one of the most brilliant thinkers of the late 12th/18th and early 13th/lath century. Besides Jami` al-Sa'adat, al-Naraqi was also the author of a number of other important books.
In order to revive Islamic ethics in a world drowning in a whirlpool of materialism and which seem to have all but forgotten the eternal spiritual human values, we thought the effort worthwhile to condense this valuable work into few short articles for the benefit of those who may not have access to the contents of the original Arabic text.