Qadir's Day


O’ Lord! This is the day in which You have honored us with the viceregency of Your Wali (guardian), Ali (Peace be upon him), and made him the Amir al-Muminin (the Commander of the Believers), and commanded us to confess his viceregency and obey him, and adhere to him- with what makes us close to You, and draws near to You- to his orders and prohibitions. O’ Lord! We have accepted Your orders and prohibitions, [and understood them] and obeyed Your Prophet, and we are surrendered and satisfied. We are the friends (supporters) of Ali -Peace be upon him- and his friends (supporters) as You have commanded, and we are the enemies of whoever is his enemy, and we are weary of whoever is weary of him. We hate whoever hates him and love those who love him, and Ali -Peace be upon him- is our Master as You have said and our Imam after our Prophet -Peace be upon him and his Household- as You have commanded.