Expansion of Sustenance Prayer by Imam Ali (a)

He is All-Sustainer


How to deal with financial difficulties?

These days, in these economically difficult times, we might sometimes feel challenged for our livelihood. After spending some time on social media we come across lots of content from numerous people complaining about being broke and empty bank accounts and seems like whatever they do, they can't make their financial circumstances any better.

But as Muslims believe, everything including sustenance is at God's hands and He is the one managing everyone's finances and controlling how much financial capability anyone should have and of course does not forget anybody. Also in the noble religion of Islam we have been ordered to try and gain worldly income and alongside work and endeavor, ask God for sustenance and pray to Him.


Praying for worldly wealth?

It must be noted that praying for material issues is considered valuable just like praying for spiritual issues, and the Infallibles (a) have always strived and prayed for success in both material and spiritual sides of life; also many verses of Quran and hadiths advise us to supplicate God for these matters.


Why writing a prayer?

Praying and supplication can happen in various forms; sometimes one speaks to God in one's heart without uttering any word, sometimes one prays via spoken words or recites one of the Infallibles' duas. And sometimes praying actualizes in the form of writing and the believer talks to God through writing and keeps the written prayer with one's self which is the command in the narrations.

But sometimes one may be unfamiliar with Arabic writing or may not have the concentration needed so, one would be deprived of these affective and valuable prayers. Upon this basis and in order to introduce and apply Islamic duas and hirzs and by people's demand, Dua International Foundation began preparing and presenting "Expansion of Sustenance Prayer by Imam Ali (a)".


What is Expansion of Sustenance Prayer by Imam Ali (a)?

The mentioned prayer has been narrated in the noble book "Muhaj al-Da'awat" by great Islamic scholar "al-Sayyid Ali b. Tawous":

"Master of believers, imam Ali b. Abi-Talib (a) said:

'Whoever's sustenance was narrowed and the ways of gaining income was closed to him, should write this dua on gazelle skin or a piece of tegmen and hang it from his neck or put it in his clothes so it would not be separated from him; God will expand his sustenance from where he would not reckon and opens the doors of income to him, and that prayer is: …[1]


How is it written? How to keep?

Based on this narration, the mentioned prayer will be handwritten on gazelle skin and issues like ablution (wudu'), attention and presence of heart, writing in proper time and place and according to Islamic manners and etiquettes will be considered in preparing this dua.

Imam Ali (a) has initiated this dua in a way that the name of the person carrying the prayer must be written in it three times, so this prayer will be prepared for a specific person and is not usable for others.

Expansion of Sustenance Prayer by Imam Ali (a) will be delivered at the size of a credit card which makes it easier to carry around in a pocket or wallet or purse. It must be noted that having this prayer on when entering places like toilets is not advised.


Price: 10 $

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[1] Muhaj al-Da'awat wa Manhaj al-'ibadat, P. 126