What do great western philosophers say about praying?

What do great western philosophers say about praying?

praying in general is not only discussed in islamic religion but in other religions as well. as we see in the history of philosophy and civilazation we can see that many scholars were talking about the necessity of praying to gods and why we do it? 

we have this discussion in aristotle work B.c and even after that lots of christan philosophers like martin luther, thomas aquinas and others talked about praying and the way we should consider it in our every day life. 

here are some of the quotes you can see: 

Antoine Arnauld - French Philsopher in 16th century

that is sometime part of god's providential plan that the recipient freely cooperate and thus perform the act in question. meritorious acts of will include, among others, the decision to pray, to seek forgiveness for past sins, and to perform a good action for the love of god. 

 praying and effects

Rene Descartes - French Philosopher of 15th century

when we are told to pray to god that is not so that we should inform him of our needs, or that we should try to get him to change anything in the order established from all eternity by his providence. but simply to obtain whatever he has from all eternity, willed to be obtained by our prayers. 

 why do we pray

Peter Wagner - American Theologian of 20th century

all good prayers can be seen as a step in the right direction. but some of those steps maybe smallers than they need  to be.

 reasons to pray

Thomas Aquinas - Italian Philosopher of 12th century

it is clear that he does not pray, who, far from uplifting himself to god, requires that god shall lower himslef to him, and who resorts to prayer not to stir the man in us to will what god wills, but only to persuade god to will the man in us wills.

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Anslem of Canterbury - Italian Benedictine monk of 11th century

god does not delay to hear our prayers because he has not mind to give. but that, by enlarging our desires, he may give us the more largely. 

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