Dua for Traveling

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.
O Allah, surely I have intention to travel so place goodness within it for me, and enlighten me with correct thinking and understanding during it, and make me firm in my decision and keep me in good health during it, and give me many benefits and honor within it, and protect me with Your good protection and safety.

O Allah, remove the hardship and difficulty of travel and smoothen its difficulties and let me move quickly from place to place and bring near its resting stops and let the long strides of the camels (means of transport) shorten the long road and make even its unevenness.      
O Allah during my travel give me the good tidings of success, and the benefits of wellbeing and a guard from You during my lone travel,
and guide me while passing through danger and make available for me in plenty the needed means, and give freely Your help and guardianship, and O Allah make the path a means to wellbeing and increase in benefits, and make its night a shelter from calamities and the day a barrier from destructive things, and through Your power hold back the hands of the criminals and with Your strength protect me from the attack of wild animals,
So that I am kept in peace and security and my travel companions healthy, my motivation attaining success and being in ease and far from difficulty and success my friend and security with me.
For surely You are the owner of generosity and grace, might and strength and You are powerful over everything.