Muhammad Taqi Bahjat Foumani

Life of Muhammad Taqi Bahjat Foumani

Grand ayatoallah muhammad taqi bahjat was one of the greatest scholars in iran and islamic history. his work in so many subjects are still not completely worked out and other scholars are doing researchs on his work in jurisprudence and theology. 

Early Life 

Ayatoallah bahjat was born on 24 August 1916 in fouman,Gilan which is a northen city in iran. Ayatoallah bahjat's mother died when he was at very young so after that he lived with his father. Ayatoallah Bahjat's father sold cookies to make money for his family. Ayatollah bahjat started his primary education from Fouman. and when he was 14 years old, he went to Karbala and Najaf, Iraq for continuing his lessons in advance level. After returning to Iran on 1945, he resided in Qom and at the Qom Seminary, Mohammad-Taqi taught jurisprudence and theology.

Teachers and Students

when he was studying in najaf he had the privilege to be with so many great teachers in islamic world. people like: 

  •  Abu al-Hasan al-Isfahani 
  •  Shaikh Muhammad Kadhim Shirazi 
  •  Mirza Hussein Naini 
  •  Shaikh Muhammad Hussain al-Gharawi 

as we said ayatollah bahjat was a great scholar and also a great teacher in islamic world. when he returned from najaf he was one of the amazing and great techers in Qom. some of his students turned out to be great scholars like himself: 

  •  Morteza Motahhari
  •  Abdollah Javadi-Amoli 
  •  Mohammad Mohammadi Gilani 
  •  Ahmad Azari Qomi 
  •  Mohammad-Taqi Mesbah 
  • Mohammad Hadi Feqgi 

Legacy and Death

He started teaching Kharij al-Fiqh and the Usool since early 1960 and served approximately 50 years in teaching theological subjects at his house. He has left behind a large number of compilations, including: Kitab-e Salaat, Jama'e al-Masa’el, Zakhirah al-Ebaad Leyawm al-Maa`d, Tuzih al-Masaa'il, and Manaasek-e Hajj. 

and finally after having an amazing life and  achieving a great place between islamic scholars and iranian people's heart he died at the age of 92 on 17 May 2009. 

may he rest in peace.