Special Salawat of the month of Sha'ban

Introduction For "Special Salawat of the month of Sha'ban" 

Title: Special Salawat of the month of Sha'ban

Writer: Seyed Mahmoud Madani 

Translator: Seyed Ahmed Madani 


 Sha'ban Month


About This Book

Every month in Islam has it’s own special supplications and prayers. For example in Ramadan month we have Dua of Abu Hamze Al Thumali which is narrated from imam Zayn al Abedeen. Even on special days we have special supplication. Like it has been said that on every Thursday it is recommended that we read supplication of kumayl ibn Ziyad. This book is about one of the special supplications in Sha’ban month. Author of this book explains about it on the first pages of the book.

He says:

For those of us who want to take a step and get closer to Allah, there is a special and opportune season. In this period of time one’s efforts and attempts are more rewarded and the journey towards Allah gets quicker. The scent of divinity and the tune of the Quran are spread everywhere. The golden opportunity of dawn (sahar) becomes more important. Righteous people identify the months of Rajab, Shaban and Ramadan as the spring of the heart. According to some the Ahadith, the first one is the month of Velayat, the second month is the month of Prophethood and the third month is the month of Allah.

It is narrated about the Commander of the Faithful that he would fast in the month of Rajab and he is narrated to have said, “The month of Rajab is my month and the month of Shaban is the month of Messenger of Allah and the month of Ramadan is the month of Allah Almighty.”

So the wayfarers towards Allah in the month of Shaban are in the middle of this spring and if they have used the opportunity of Rajab, they have already achieved a certain level of proximity to Allah. They can continue their ways and add to it by prayers, worship and recitation of the Quran. Even if some of us were lazy in the month of Rajab we can make up for our shortage in the month of Shabaan and prepare ourselves for the upcoming month of Ramadan. The month of Shaban is really valuable and a lot of our Ahadith point to the significance of this great month. Some of our great scholars and narrators of Ahadith like Shaikh Saduq have gathered these Ahadith in a book and in order to remind ourselves of the high rank of this month we narrate some of them here:

Sheikh Saduq narrates from Ibn Abbas with the chain of narration, “In the presence of Prophet Mohammad we discussed the greatness of the month of Shaban. Prophet Mohammad said, “It is an honorable month and it is my month. The carriers of the throne of Allah respect it and know its great magnitude. The blessings for the faithful increase in this month. This month is the month of performing actions, so the reward of good actions is seventy times more (than other months). The evil gets cleansed and sins get forgiven and the good deeds are accepted. Allah is proud of his servants. (In this month) Allah looks at the fast of those who fast and the worship of worshipper and boasts about it to the carriers of His throne.”

At that moment Ali Ibn Abu Talib stood up and asked, “May my mother and father be sacrificed before you, please tell us some of the virtues of this month so we are encouraged to pray and fast more and strive more in the way of our Beloved Lord.” Then the Prophet started with some of the rewards of fasting in this month and said, “Anyone who fasts on the first day, Allah gives him seventy rewards each equal to the reward of one year of worship….” And at the end he said, “Anyone who fasts all the thirty days of Shaban, Gabriel calls out to him from the front of Allah’s throne and says, “Start your life anew! Allah has forgiven all the sins that you had done!”

One of the Mostahabaat that are highly encouraged in this month is a Salawat that has been narrated from Imam Zein Al-Abedin. This salawat is not only a religious masterpiece or a lovely supplication with Allah, but it is also a deep sea of theology and knowledge. Its teachings are primarily about the Imamat and its high position in Islam. I had a chance to speak on Iran’s national TV about the Salawat Shabaniyeh but unfortunately the program was very short and the information that I could gather from the Quran and Ahadith was more than could be delivered in the program. So, I decided to publish it in a small booklet for anyone who wants to take benefit from the seas of the knowledge of the Ahlul Bayt.

Seyed Mahmoud Madani



  •  Author’s Preface
  • Arabic Text of the Salawat Shabaniyyah
    • Arabic Text
    • English Translation
    • The Importance of this Supplication
  • Chapter 1: Salawat
    • The Root And The Foundation Of Salawat
    • Rewards For Salawat
    • Salawat in Traditions
    • Salawaat To Ahlul Bayt
    • Prophet’s Awareness From Our Salawat
  • Chapter 2: Divine Knowledge
    • Wisdom
    • Revelationary Teachings
    • Equivalent Knowledge With The Prophet Mohammad
    o Why Equivalency?
    • Depth Of Knowledge
    • The Variety Of Knowledge
  • Chapter 3: Welfare And Confidence
    • Hadith Of Ship
    • Hazard Of Deviation
  • Chapter 4: Refuge And Recourse
    • Uniqueness And Recourse
    • Intercession in The Holy Quran
    • Intercession in Ahadith
    • Intercession Of The Righteous
  • Chapter 5: Salawat
  • Chapter 6: Obedience And The Duty Of Accepting Commands
    • The Right Of Accepting Commands And Superintendence
    • Importance Of Accepting Their Superintendence
    • Effects Of Accepting Their Superintendence
  • Chapter 7: Prospering The Ruined Heart
    • The Corruptions Of Heart
    • Sealed Heart
    • Relentless Heart
    • Obsessive Doubt
    • Playful Heart
    • Honor And Dishonor
  • Chapter 8: Social Sympathy And Cooperation
    • God And God’s Creatures
    • Donation, An Investment From Allah
    • Sharing
    • The Measure For Recognizing A True Shia
    • Reward Of Sharing
    • Sharing With All People
  • Chapter 9: The Activities For Month Of Shaban
  • Chapter 10: Following The Tradition Of Prophet
    • The Measure For Evaluating Action
    • Imam Mahdi’s Plan
  • Chapter 11: Seeking Comfort And Intercession
    • What Is Intercession?
    • What Is The Root For Believe In Intercession?
    • What Are The Proofs For Intercession Of Prophet Muhammad?
    • Intercession Is Just For The Benefit Of Good People Or Even Sinners Will Be Interceded?