Ibn Fahd Hilli

Name: Jamaal al-Saalikin Ahmad ibn Shams al-Din Muhammad ibn Fahd Hilli Asadi 

Birth: 757 AH/ 6531 AD. 

Short History: 

He is one of the great scholars and jurisprudents in the 9th century AH, and one of the disciples of Shahid Awwal and Fakhr al-Muhaqqiqin.
His fame in the fields of du`a (prayer, invocation), ethics and `irfan (gnosticism, mysticism) has taken precedence over his renown in the fields of Fiqh and Usoul al-fiqh (Islamic jurispruence and its principles). His well-known book in this regard is called "`Uddat al-Daa`i".
He had full ability and got mastery in debate. He debated with some of the followers of Sunnite jurisprudence specially regarding the imamate and leadership and finally defeated them. Then ruler of Iraq, was impressed with the decisive demonstrations of ibn Fahd, converted his religion to Shiaism.


He has compiled many books among them:

1. The manners of one who prays 

2. Al-Ad`iah waal-Khutoum 

3. Asraar al-salah (the mysteries of saying prayer) 

4. Taarikh al-A`immah (AS). (The history of the Imams-Put) 

5. Al-Tahrir (in Islamic jurisprudence) 

6. `Uddut al-Daa`i wa Najaah al-Saa`i

7.  Al-Masaa`il al-Shaamiyyiat

8. Al-Muhadhdhab al-baari` fi sharh al-Mukhtasar al-naafi` (a commentary on the book al-Mukhtasar al-naafi`)  

9. Al-Muqtasar fi sharh Irshaad al-adhhaan, 

and etc. 


He passed away in 748 AH/4441 AD in the age of 48 in Karbala, Iraq. His grave is well-know there