Sayyid Ali Khan Madani

Name: Sayyid Ali Khan Madani 

Date and Place of Birth: 2501/2461 Medina

Date of Death: 8111/6071 


 With losing his mother when he was just an infant baby, Sayyid Ali Khan's paternal aunt undertook his upbringing. After several years he together with his father and family members migrated to Mecca where he received his early education including Arabic grammar and literature and some books on Islamic jurisprudence and mathematics under his honorable father, Sayyid Ahmad Nizam al-Din, Shaykh Ja`far Bahrani and Shaykh Muhammad Ali Shah. In 6601 Sayyid Ali and his family traveled to Hyderabad, where they were welcomed by Sulatan `Abdullah Qutb Shah.
From 8601/7561 to 3801/2761 Sayyid Ali Khan who was then 51 years old attended his father's lectures where many scholars, literary men and great personalities all around the country were present.
In 3111/1071 he resigned from governmental positions he had had up to that time and went on pilgrimage to Mecca. There he endowed his estates and due to some social changes left the city and migrated to Isfahan, Iran and was welcomed and respected by Shah Sultan Husayn, the then King of Iran. After that he went to the hometown of his ancestors, Shiraz where he became busy with teaching and giving lectures up to the end of his life.
Through 62 intermediaries the lineage of Sayyid Ali Khan ascends to Zayd b. Ali b. Husayn b. Ali b. Abu Talib )`a). 


 Being a voluminous author, Sayyid Ali Khan Madani wrote 62 books on various subjects like hadith, history of Islam, biography of Prophet's companions and their followers as well as the scholars, Arabic poetry, Arabic grammar and lexicography, supplications quoted from the Infallible Imams, etc. The following are some of his writings:
Riyad al-Salikin (a commentary on al-Sahifah al-Sajjadiyyah of the 4th Imam (`a))
1. Kitab Ahwal al-Sahabah wa al-Tabi`in wa al-`Ulama'
2. Al-Kalim al-Tayyib
3. Sharh Badi`iyyat Safiyy al-Din Hilli
4. Al-Hada'iq al-Nadiyyah fi Sharh al-Samadiyyah
5. Risalah fi Aghlat al-Firouzabadi fi al-Qamous
6. Al-Mikhlah (an anthology) 


1. Sayyid Ahmad Sayyid Ali Khan's father

2. Shaykh Ja`far b. Kamal al-Din al-Hilli 

3. Shaykh Ali b. Fakhr al-Din Muhammad 

4. Shaykh Muhammad b. Ali Shah  


1. Sayyid Muhammad Salih Husayni Khatounabadi, and his son Sayyid Muhammad Husayn 

2. Shaykh Baqir b. MuhammadHusayn Makki