To Seek Allah’s Acceptance And Approval Of Our Obligatory And Recommendatory Prayers

O, Muhammad! Whosoever wishes his obligatory and/or optional deeds and Prayers to be accepted by Me, should recite this Prayer after performing each such deeds, and say: 

يَا شَارِعاً لِمَلاَئِكَتِهِ الدِّينَ الْقَيِّمَ دِيناً رَاضِياً بِهِ مِنْهُمْ لِنَفْسِهِ وَ يَا خَالِقاً مَنْ سِوَى الْمَلاَئِكَةِ مِنْ خَلْقِهِ لِلِابْتِلاَءِ بِدِينِهِ وَ يَا مُسْتَخِصّاً مِنْ خَلْقِهِ لِدِينِهِ رُسُلاً إِلَى مَنْ دُونَهُمْ وَ يَا مُجَازِيَ أَهْلِ الدِّينِ بِمَا عَمِلُوا فِي الدِّينِ، اجْعَلْنِي بِحَقِّ اسْمِكَ الَّذِي كُلُّ شَيْء مِنَ الْخَيْرَاتِ مَنْسُوبٌ إِلَيْهِ مِنْ أَهْلِ دِينِكَ الْمُؤْثِرِ بِهِ بِإِلْزَامِكَهُمْ حَقَّهُ وَ تَفْرِيغِكَ قُلُوبَهُمْ لِلرَّغْبَةِ فِي أَدَاءِ حَقِّكَ فِيهِ إِلَيْكَ، لاَ تَجْعَلْ بِحَقِّ اسْمِكَ الَّذِي فِيهِ تَفْصِيلُ الاُْمُورِ كُلِّهَا شَيْئاً سِوَى دِينِكَ عِنْدِي أَبْيَنَ فَضْلاً وَ لاَ إِلَيَّ أَشَدَّ تَحَبُّباً وَ لاَ بِي لاَصِقاً وَ لاَ أَنَا إِلَيْهِ مُنْقَطِعاً، وَ اغْلِبْ بَالِي وَ هَوَايَ وَ سَرِيرَتِي وَ عَلاَنِيَتِي، وَ اسْفَعْ بِنَاصِيَتِي إِلَى كُلِّ مَا تَرَاهُ لَكَ مِنِّي رِضًى مِنْ طَاعَتِكَ فِي الدِّينِ. 

O Allah…! O You, Who have appointed the Strong and Steadfast Religion of Islam to Celestial Angels, and You are satisfied of the Angels for their absolute submission to Islam.
O God…! O You, Who have also created the men beside the Angels, and tested them with Religion and Faith. O Allah…! O You, Who have sent down Messengers to the people in order to protect Your Religion. O God…! O You, Who have announced and let the believers know how to act. By the power of Your Name [from which all the Blessings come] I adjure You to include me among those believers, who have sacrificed their lives for their Religion, and who are bound to the Laws and Commandments of Truth and Religion, and who have prepared their hearts to perform the responsibilities of Religion and fulfill Your Divine Rights. By the power of Your Name [in Which, all the details of everything have been registered], pray Do not let something become more important and more pleasing than Your Religion in my person! Moreover, to be faithful and loyal to Your Religion more than anything else, and Let me give up everything for that matter!
I ask You to let my inner and outer being, my every wish and my every heart’s desire be at the service of Religion! Take me to the Path, which pleases and satisfy You most! That which will make me obey and follow Your Religion and Your Tradition! 

[O, Muhammad!] whosoever recites this Prayer, I will accept his obligatory and optional deeds and Prayers, and protect and preserve him from any kind of arrogance. I will also make him love dearly his absolute submission to Me, along with his obedience, invocation, and revocation of Me.