To Seek Goodness And That Which Is Good For Us

O, Muhammad! If anyone is in search of goodness, and by doing so, he becomes close to those among My slaves [servants,] who are nearest to Me, and who wishes that I bestow My Blessing upon him, should recite this Prayer: 

يَا دَالَّنَا عَلَى الْمَنَافِعِ لاَِنْفُسِنَا مِنْ لُزُومِ طَاعَتِهِ وَ يَا هَادِيَنَا لِعِبَادَتِهِ الَّتِي جَعَلَهَا سَبِيلًا إِلَى دَرْكِ رِضَاهُ، إِنَّمَا يَفْتَحُ الْخَيْرَ وَلِيُّهُ، يَا وَلِيَّ الْخَيْرِ قَدْ أَرَدْتُ مِنْكَ كَذَا وَ كَذَا وَ يُسَمِّي ذَلِكَ الْاَمْرَ وَ لَمْ أَجِدْ إِلَيْهِ بَابَ سَبِيل مَفْتُوحاً وَ لاَ نَاهِجَ طَرِيق وَاضِح وَ لاَ تَهْيِئَةَ سَبَب تَيَسَّرَ أَعْيَتْنِي فِيهِ جَمِيعُ أُمُورِي كُلُّهَا فِي الْمَوَارِدِ وَ الْمَصَادِرِ وَ أَنْتَ وَلِيُّ الْفَتْحِ لِي بِذَلِكَ، لاَِنَّكَ دَلَلْتَنِي عَلَيْهِ فَلاَ تَحْظُرْهُ عَنِّي وَ لاَ تَجْبَهْنِي عَنْهُ بِرَدّ، فَلَيْسَ يَقْدِرُ عَلَيْهِ أَحَدٌ غَيْرُكَ وَ لَيْسَ عِنْدَ أَحَد إِلاَّ عِنْدَكَ، أَسْأَلُكَ بِمَفَاتِحِ غُيُوبِكَ كُلِّهَا وَ جَلاَلِ عِلْمِكَ كُلِّهِ وَ عَظِيمِ شُئُونِكَ كُلِّهَا إِقْرَارَ عَيْنِي وَ إِفْرَاحَ قَلْبِي وَ تَهْنِيَتَكَ إِيَّايَ بِإِسْبَاغِ نِعَمِكَ عَلَيَّ بِتَيْسِيرِ قَضَاءِ حَوَائِجِي وَ نَسْخِهَا فِي حَوَائِجِ مَنْ نَسَخْتَ حَاجَتَهُ مَقْضِيَّةً لاَ تُقَلِّبْنِي بِحَقِّكَ عَنِ اعْتِمَادِي لَكَ إِلاَّ بِهَا فَإِنَّكَ أَنْتَ الْفَتَّاحُ بِالْخَيْرَاتِ وَ أَنْتَ عَلَى كُلِّ شَيْء قَدِيرٌ. فَيَا فَتَّاحُ يَا مُدَبِّرُ صَلِّ عَلَى مُحَمَّد وَ آلِ مُحَمَّد وَ هَيِّئْ لِي تَيْسِيرَ سَبَبِهَا وَ سَهِّلْ عَلَيَّ بَابَ طَرِيقِهَا وَ افْتَحْ لِي مِنْ غِنَاكَ بَابَ مَدْخَلِهَا وَ لْيَنْفَعْنِي جَارِي بِكَ فِيهَا يَا رَحِيمُ. 

O Allah…! O You, Who guide us to worship and to obey You, [which is beneficial for us]! O You, Who Instruct and Guide us to make some Prayers, which are the best ways to seek Your Pleasure and Your Contentment. Goodness and Virtue are in the hands of the virtuous and righteous people, and You are the Possessor of Goodness and Kindness. I have this and that request... [here, name your dearest wish]; I can neither find a path, which will guide me to goodness nor a clear and obvious way to search for it, nor do I possess any cause or reason to ease the way for me. I have searched everything and every aspect, in every direction; however, I have gained nothing but more sufferings and more exhaustion. Only You, can grant me Goodness and Virtue, for You it was, Who has guided me to Goodness; therefore, pray, Do not withhold and banish Goodness and Kindness from me, for no one except You, can do this to me, and there is no any other Way but You, to reach Goodness! The key of the Hidden Treasures are in Your Hands; You have vast and extended Knowledge, You are Eminent and Sublime in Your Dignity, and I adjure You to illuminate and lighten up my eyes, and make my heart joyful, and bestow Your Blessings on me! And pray, Do fulfill my wishes with ease! Do write my name among those, to whom You have promised to always fulfill their wishes! O God…! I hope in You to make my wishes come true. Do not make me despair! For You are the One, Who removes the calamities and turn them away! For verily, You are All-Powerful in everything!
O You, the Bestower [of good paths]! O You, Who investigate [your servants’ matters]! Do bestow Your Blessings and Your Peace to Muhammad and his holy Family, and Grant me Goodness! And make its path easy for me. By the power of Your Richness and Your Sufficiency in everything and everyone, Do Open the Door of Goodness and Virtue to me, so that my nearness to You may benefit me, O God…! O You, Who are the Most Compassionate! 

 [O, Muhammad!] When he recites this Prayer, I will open the Door of Goodness to him, and will be satisfied of him; moreover, I will grant him My Friendship.